Our Departments

Ram Hospital Kisii is a Level 5 accredited hospital with a 150 bed capacity inpatient facility, that offers 24hrs service, we offer a wide range of preventive and curative health care services with clients based in Kisii county and its environs.

We were founded with the aim of providing affordable inpatient and outpatient services within the county and having the commitment to serve our patients equally, regardless of their gender, age, ethnic group, religion or cultural background.

We are a well equipped with modern medical amenities. The hospital is located next to the Kisii law courts.

We have grown with the help of our dedicated staff of professionals and community for the last 15 years. We acknowledge multiple insurance covers who have given us the support and hope by providing medical health covers to individuals, professionals and families by indemnifying for expenses that may arise from unexpected health risks. The growth has made us to ensure timely, transparent, professional and ethical medical services.



This department is on the frontline of in offering emergency care for those who require it. This department is located after the entrance next to the MCH clinic. Patient can be dropped off at the main entrance where the staff will escort the patient with a stretcher or wheel chair to the patient treatment and monitoring area. Immediate life- saving care and First aid is given immediately.

The staffs are qualified and they follow protocols laid out by the Medical officer in charge.



Our outpatient department or outpatient clinic is also open 24hrs and is designed for the treatment of outpatients, people with health problems who visit the hospital for diagnosis or treatment, but do not at this time require a bed or to be admitted for overnight care. We offer a wide range of treatment services, diagnostic tests and minor surgical outpatient procedures.



Our inpatient team of health professionals is skilled to handle patients with great quality care and on a 24 hour service we have ensured to have a permanent resident medical officer/clinicians and medical specialties ready to attend our clients’ needs. Such as assess and treat your medical condition throughout your stay, coordinate your hospital care including diagnostic tests such as X-rays, blood tests and other procedures, arrange specialty care including therapy or consults with other specialists and then transition your medical care back to outpatient after discharge



We have two major and one minor operation theatre, which has facilities for day cases, endoscopy and others surgical procedures. Which include some orthopedics/trauma, obstetrics/gynecology, E.N.T (ear, nose and throat) and endoscopy surgery.



We have a medical laboratory made up several diagnostic units and it’s well equipped with modern state-of-the-art equipment to facilitate quick delivery of accurate results by licensed lab technicians.

We offer several services which include:-

·       Lipid profile

·       Thyroid function test

·       Liver function test

·       Kidney function test

·       Hematological investigations

·       Full blood count

·       Urea electrolytes & Creatinine

·       Salmonella & Brucella testing

·       Alpha fetal protein

·       Serum electrolytes and many more……

Our staff meets the standard requirements and those of national regulations on good laboratory practice. Our laboratory uses a modern technology to generate reliable patient test reports on a timely basis. Our laboratory team conducts internal quality controls on daily basis to ensure accurate results are issued to our clients.



We have a well-stocked pharmacy with both original and generic medicine. Our pharmacy department chooses, prepares, stores, compounds, dispenses medicines and medical services, advice and instruct patients, nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals on their safe, effective and efficient uses.

The drugs dispensed by our pharmacy department are procured from qualified suppliers to ensure high quality is maintained.

This department has quality professionals who dispense quality medicines and provide efficient services to both in-patients and out-patients, whilst ensuring treatment is safe and appropriate.

We dispense medicines on valid prescriptions, we also advice patients on the usage and importance of medication at the best price possible.




This department monitors the health and wellness of pregnant mothers all through their pregnancy, prepares them for delivery and closely monitors the mother even after the birth of their baby. It also has programs that help in handling family, women and children health issues, recommends prenatal and well child care, infant and maternal mortality prevention, child immunizations and child nutrition. Our highly trained and licensed mid-wives offer patient-centered care specially tailored to each mother during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum.



Our skilled physiotherapist can manage a broad range of conditions and circumstances that affect your circulatory, respiratory, musculoskeletal and nervous systems. The services offered include:  Rehabilitation and also sports injury assessment



The goal of occupational theory department is to assist patients of all ages who have physical , sensory or cognitive problem to move on from dysfunctional levels to full or near functional levels. We have an occupational therapist that helps to bridge barriers that affect a person’s emotional, social and physical needs. An occupational therapist can address several issues e.g.:-Hand/splint therapy, Children with delayed milestones, Facial palsy, speech stimulation, wheelchair and ambulation training, assessment of children with learning disorders, attending to psychiatric cases etc.



Our Radiology department is well equipped with modern, dynamic and professional diagnostic image using computerized digital systems. Our objective is to become a borderless imaging department through modern technology and be at the cutting edge in provision of quality imaging services. The diagnostic imaging modalities used in radiology rely on machine-generated radiation to capture the anatomical structure of the body system.

We offer a full range of medical imaging services done by radiographers and sonographers who are expertise in diagnosing various health conditions.

·       X-ray

·       Ultrasound

·       EEG

·       ECG

·       IOPA

·       OPG

·       Endoscopy

·       CT Scan



The hospital runs a fully equipped and modern dental clinic offering a full range of dental services. Among our services include:-

·       Comprehensive Dental Examination and treatment planning

·       Tooth Extraction

·       Dental Fillings & restorations

·       Full Mouth Scaling & polishing

·       Dentures

·       Crowning

·       Root Canal Therapy

·       Orthodontic treatment

·       Preventive dental care



This department is also known as the paramedic department. It provides urgent treatment and stabilization for serious illness and injuries. It also provides transport to definitive care and offer first aid to patients as the emergency team puts them in contact with the control facility, which will then dispatch a suitable resource for the situation. Our paramedics and ambulance provide urgent medical care on the scene as they transfer a patient to the next point of care. We have qualified staffs who operate the ambulance and paramedics who are trained on basic life support.